Sliding down the volcano

Ako som zišla vulkán na šmykľavke

People before death say, they saw their entire life. I wasn’t supposed to die, but I couldn’t foresee a second so I think I might fall into that category. I didn’t experience projection of my life. The whole time I had two things in my mind: how to defeat physics, and when on earth will I stop!?

Climbing the volcano Villarrica started with a 5-kilometre ascend of a 1,400 m elevation. After one month of hiking I felt it was piece of cake and the worst is done.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

I knew that we should slide the snowy part down on our butts, but I expected something more like we did during winter at our neighbourhood when we were kids. You know.

Here I heard our guide saying that this is the slide we will use to get down. I laughed at the joke and prepared myself for the last 20-minute climb to the crater of the volcano.

When we returned, I realized it wasn’t joke. My smile shows that I’m still in denial.

I was among the first people to slide down and I violated all the instructions we got. But once you lose control over your body and plunge down the slope like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, you’ll forget everything but screaming.

At some point I finally stopped, off the slide, a bit shocked. The guide was talking to me, but the transfer failed. After that we slid down the rest together.

This is how it should look like

...and this is similar to how I looked. Btw, the slope was much steeper. Well, 1400 m on 5 km.

That moment, I was not smiling, but over the time, I feel it was one of the funniest things which ever happened to me, and ended happily. I really enjoy talking about it, and watching me must have been also special experience.

Although I did bungee jumping and skydiving, the adrenaline there was nothing comparing to what I felt on that volcano. This is the kind of experience I’ll tell to my grandchildren. The experience I’ll never forget.

Lucky Traveller.

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