I always wanted to travel. As a child I begged my parents every year to go on holiday. Even vacation in the summer resort via travel agency was enough. Not long. I started fulfilling my big dreams when I moved to Romania. Country is ideal for travelling and Bucharest airport gave me the opportunity to visit the world.

I learnt to travel solo


I was still student when I went first time alone to Spain, and then to Estonia, to visit my friends. But in 2015 I did my first trip as a solo traveller. I visited Český Krumlov, Munich, Salzburg and Hallstatt. I slept at people’s places via couchsurfing, which was also first time. Couple of days later, the same scenario, I went to Copenhagen, and then to Madrid.

“These three trips vanished all my worries. I understood that travelling alone is great, simple, and totally normal.”

I often get question which place did I like most

I cannot answer. I love New York, Naples, and Bucharest. I see Balkan as a heart of Europe. South America has nature which let me speechless. Southeast Asia and its people was love at first sight. Arabic world fascinates me. Africa is still untouched and unpredictable.

Photography led me to write a blog

Today I have in my collection 80,000 photographs and videos from 50 countries. I wanted to share them with you. I’m upset when I see false information and half-truths in media. My pictures are honest, and so are my words.


Why am I travelling?

  • It gives me education and genuine information about the world.
  • Contact with people of all races, religions, genders, sexual preferences, and cultures.
  • A chance to see natural beauty I could only see in the documentaries, and animals in their natural habitat.
  • Entertainment with people I meet, and funny stories.
  • And mostly, deeper awareness and responsibility towards our planet which I appreciate more every journey.
  • Inexhaustible wealth.
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