Malmö: Entrance gate to Sweden

After I missed my bus from Copenhagen to Malmö, for a while I accepted the fact that I will not step on the Swedish land. But I couldn't give up this idea and next day I bought train tickets and let myself carry there. It would be a pity not doing it.

malmo turning torso and port

Malmö’s dominant

Malmö is a cozy city full of parks, water canals and the houses with stunning northern architecture. Its symbol is Turning Torso or twisted skyscraper. This neo-futuristic residential house is the tallest building in Scandinavia. It is far from the city center but still in the walking distance. The building serves to conferences, weddings, accommodation or private tour. Considering the tour, you should calculate if it's worth it. For the small group the entrance fee is higher than Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is big difference.


When you're there, it's nice to go to seashore from where you can see famous Öresundbron connecting Copenhagen and Malmö. It's also a site of Danish-Swedish crime TV series called The Bridge. But connection of these two cities is more complicated than it sounds. The bridge is stunning, almost 8 kilometres long, 204 metres high and consists of road for cars and railway. Now, we are only half way there. Another 4 kilometres are on the artificial island Peberholm, and the same distance is built as a tunnel. Why tunnel? Just to avoid any plane crash due to nearby airport.

National Geographic filmed documentary about this bridge within the TV series Megastructures.

malmo wakepark

Malmö Wake Park

Close to beach and Turning Torso is something for water sports enthusiasts. Who loves surfng on the water, adrenaline, and doesn’t mind cooler water, this is the tip for you to spend your day in Malmö unconventionally and actively. The park is run by wake enthusiasts Maria and Henning and was established in 2015, which is the year of my visit. Necessary equipment is included in the ticket price and you can book training lessons.

Malmöhus Slott

Interesting and as if cut part of the city is Kungsparken and the castle Malmöhus Slott. The castle is surrounded by medieval moat and built in 16th century made it the oldest preserved Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. The park is peaceful, not crowded and ideal for romantic walks. In the summer there's also the botanical corner.

malmo castle malmohus slott
malmo water canals
malmo archtecture brick house
Malmo architecture white house
malmo library
malmo architecture streets

All bricks

If you fancy nordic design, Malmö is perfect for you. All institutions and apartment buildings are pieces of art. On the Stortorget square was a Christmas tree and the most tourists (but still not much, you will not find crowds here after Christmas). I could still feel Christmas atmosphere in the city and I was glad because I'm a huge fan of Christmas, not only nordic style.

malmo giftboxes hanging on the tree
malmo stortorget christmas tree
seagull on the rock
malmo sankt petri kyrka
malmo canals

One day for Malmö is enough. I spent there few hours because I needed to keep time for getting to the airport. If you are pedant with a lot of time and you want to enjoy also nightlife, stay more days.


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