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7 Wonders of Easter Island

Rapa Nui, Isla de Pascua, or better-known name Easter Island is a tiny piece of land above the sea level in the middle of nowhere. Five-hour flight from Santiago over the Pacific Ocean on the west...

Sliding down the volcano

People before death say, they saw their entire life. I wasn’t supposed to die, but I couldn’t foresee a second so I think I might fall into that category. I didn’t experience projection of my life.


The country of football, carnival, meat, and mate. And also stunning beaches, greedy sea lions and candombe rhythms. I will explain how was Uruguay founded, give you advices and tips for sightseeing and food...

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Food in Uruguay: meat, meat, and meat

Diet of Uruguayan Uruguay has the highest number of cows per capita in the world, so naturally, they became carnivores. Life of vegetarians and vegans in this country is challenging.

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